High quality Wet type peanut skin peeling machine

The Wet type peanut skin peeling machine peels off the red skin of the peanuts with a high standard pure soft rubber wheel. First you need to put the peanuts in hot water for a few minutes. The soaked peanuts are then placed in the feeding funnel of the machine. The rubber will lick and gently peel off the peanuts like a human hand. Wet type peanut skin peeling machine is an ideal equipment for processing peanuts, almonds, broad beans, soybeans, etc.

Wet type peanut skin peeling machine, easy to operate, high yield, clean peeling, peeling rate above 98%, no damage, no broken, suitable for producing fried peanuts, peanut cakes, peanut candy, peanut milk (milk), strange flavor Peanut rice, eight-treasure porridge, etc. At the same time, it can also be used as a pre-squeeze peeling treatment for the oil production of large peanut oil mills. The machine is unique in that it has a high peeling rate, peeling, and the peanuts after the clothes are not broken, the color is white, and the surface is not browned. At the same time of undressing (skin), the skin and rice are automatically separated, with high efficiency and easy operation.

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