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Wet chana chickpea Peeling Machine
Wet chana chickpea Peeling Machine
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Chana, or chickpeas are popular in many countries. They are tasty, and nutritious with high plant-based protein. The peeled chickpeas can be used to make fried chickpeas, creamy hummus, crunchy falafel, salad, or others.

Our chana peeling machine, also called wet peanut peeling machine can efficiently remove the skins of nuts for industrial use. Chickpea peeler has a high rate of peeling, and the skinned chickpeas are at low breaking rate, keeping good shape. The parts that come into touch with the materials are stainless steel, so the material is hygienic and safe.

Outstanding advantages of soaked chickpea peeler

Chana peeling machinery has many advantages and has been widely used in the food processing industry.

  • Quick processing, high peeling rate
  • Low crushing rate. Peeled chickpeas can retain the whole kernels
  • Hygienic and safe: food-grade stainless steel
  • Automated operation: time-saving
Wet chana chickpea peeling machine
Wet Chana Chickpea Peeling Machine

Soaked chana peeling machine Structure

Wet chickpea chana peeler machine mainly contains feeding port, peeling rubber ring, discharge hopper, blades, etc. The machine material is of high quality, so the machine and parts are durable with lengthy service life.

Wet peanut peeling machine
Wet Peanut Peeling Machine

Operation methods of chickpea peeler machine

Chana peeling machine is easy to operate. In the use of a high-standard soft rubber wheel, the wet chickpea chana peeler stably removes the red skins of chana. In terms of operation, firstly, soak the chan in boiling water for several minutes. Then pour the wet chickpeas into the machine’s feeding funnel. The rubber then spins and applies friction to the chana, realizing gentle peeling.

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