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Company Name: Zhengzhou Taizy machinery Co.,Ltd

Business Type: Agricultural machinery equipment

Main Products: Peanut butter production equipment, fried peanut production equipment, peanut planting machines, harvesters, etc.

Year Established: year 2010

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International certification

International certification


What are common faults and solutions of wet peanut peeler?

A wet peanut peeler, also known as a wet type peanut peeling machine, is a professional machine for removing peanut skins. The wet peanut peeler machine is easy to use and maintain. When some faults happen during the operation, do you know how to solve them accordingly?

Advanced almond peeling machine | soaked almond peeling line

The almond skin peeler machine has the advantages of easy operation, large output, high peeling rate (over 98%), and high quality of peeled almonds. The final almond kernels are in natural color and keep the original taste and protein.

Broad bean wet peeling machine | soaked broad bean peeler

A broad bean peeling machine, also known as a wet peanut peeling machine, is designed to meet the growing market demand. The wet type broad bean peeler has a peeling rate as high as 98%, high efficiency, and wide application.

Two ways to efficiently remove red skins of peanuts

As many people favor peeled peanut kernels, there are many peanut snacks are made of peeled peanuts, such as fried peeled peanuts, coated peanuts, baking peeled peanuts, etc. How to effectively remove the red skin of peanut kernels? Here are two methods commonly used in the nut processing industry. Let us get a clear view of types of peanut skin peeling machine.

Automatic coated cashew nut roaster machine manufacturer

An automatic coated cashew nut roaster machine is a professional roasting machine for cashew nuts, roasted cashew nuts, as well as other granular foods. The adoption of the horizontal rotation method and heat radiation allows the materials on the screens to be heated evenly with a low breakage rate.

Automatic peanut swing roaster sold to Nigeria

The peanut swing roaster, also named coated peanut roster machine, has various outputs and heating methods, suitable for roasting all kinds of granular food. The advantages of the swing peanut baking machine are high productivity, low damage rate, uniform color, automatic operation, and even heating. Recently, a customer from Nigeria ordered an electric peanut swing roaster and a hoist from our company.


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