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Company Name: Zhengzhou Taizy machinery Co.,Ltd

Business Type: Agricultural machinery equipment

Main Products: Peanut butter production equipment, fried peanut production equipment, peanut planting machines, harvesters, etc.

Year Established: year 2010

peanut machine factory

International certification

International certification


Peanut coating production line | coated peanut snack machine

The peanut coating production line is to produce coated peanut snacks in the food processing industry. The coated peanut production line is suitable for making various candied snacks. The coated peanut making machines mainly include a roasting machine, peanut peeling machine, coating machine, vibration baking oven, seasoning machine, cooling machine, packing machine.

Peanut fryer machine | groundnut frying machine (50-1500kg)

An automatic peanut fryer machine is suitable for frying groundnuts in batches. It is also applicable to other nuts, beans, pasta, meat, chicken, fish, chips, vegetables, etc. The frying process is automatic, safe, clean, oil-saving, and fuel-saving. There are mainly three types of peanut fryer machines with various outputs.

Tilting steam-jacketed kettle with mixer for syrup sauce

A steam-jacketed kettle is also known as a steam cooking pot. The double-layer structure, like a double boiler, can realize even heating and cooking. The large and deep pot can cook large amounts of food with steam heat. The jacketed kettle has wide applications. It is an important machine used in peanut brittle candy production line.

Almond walnut pecan cracking machine | almond cracking line

Our almond cracking machine is designed to grade and crack the almond and separate the kernels with shells. The whole almond cracking line involves the process of grading, shelling, separating shells with kernels. An almond sorting machine, almond cracking machine, and shell kernel separator are necessary for the almond cracking line. The almond shelling machine is also applicable to other nuts with hard shells, like palm kernel, peach kernel, walnut, hazelnut, badam.

Almond shelling machine for sale (single- and three-stage)

An almond shelling machine is to break the almond shells, often used in the almond cracking and separating line and other nut processing industries. The almond sheller is suitable for shelling hard dry fruits such as almond, palm fruit, hazelnut, peach kernel, chestnut, and badam.

Auto peanut brittle machine | peanut candy production line

An automatic peanut brittle machine is to produce candied roasted peanut snacks. The peanut candy production line mainly contains 6 machines, a peanut roaster machine, a peanut peeling machine, sugar melting machine, a peanut brittle forming and cutting machine, a peanut brittle mixing machine, peanut candy packing machine. The peanut brittle machine has wide application, suitable for making sesame seed peanut candy, sesame bar, peanut chikki, granola bar, snack bar, energy bar, protein bar, etc.


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