Automatic peanuts flavoring machine (octagonal mixer)

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The peanuts flavoring machine is an advanced fried food mixer with an octagonal barrel. The octagonal shape can realize the function of automatic mixing, so this type of peanuts seasoning machine is also called a rotary drum food seasoning machine. The peanut flavoring machine has the advantages of uniform mixing, automatic mixing and discharging, convenient use and wide application. As it is often used to flavor snack foods, like fried peanuts, potato chips, banana chips, it is also called seasoning machine for snacks. The octagonal mixer has simple structure, mainly used for mixing the seasoning powder with food in the later processing stage. It can finish the mixing in a short time, and automatically drop the materials out of the cylinder.

Peanuts flavoring machine functions

  1. The reduction motor and gear drive are adopted to ensure that the fried food is not broken.
  2. Automatic blending and uniform mixing and convenient operation;
  3. The rotating speed and inclination of the barrel can be adjusted, and the powder feeding volume can also be controlled;
  4. Automatic discharging function through tilting.
Peanut flavoring machine
Peanut Flavoring Machine

Advantages of octagonal mixer

  • Uniform mixing

Advanced design of octagonal shape solves the problem of not rolling and uneven mixing of raw material in round-shaped mixer, and blend the seasoning and materials evenly.

  • Automatic tilting and dicharging

After thorough mixing, the mixing tank can automatically tilt and discharge the materials.

  • Hygienic and good appearance

The peanuts flavoring machine is made of 304 high quality stainless steel, which is durable, hygienic and easy to clean.

  • Wide application

The peanuts seasoning machine is suitable for seasoning all kinds of fried food and other snacks. The seasonings can be powder, syrup, spices etc.

Peanuts flavoring machine
Peanuts Flavoring Machine

Technical data of peanuts seasoning machine

ModelDimension(mm)Weight (kg) Power(kw) Capacity (kg/h)
parameter of peanuts flavoring machine

Various flavors of peanuts

Common flavors of peanuts are butter peanuts, salted peanuts, multi-flavored peanuts, cumin peanuts, spiced peanuts, salt and pepper peanuts, honey peanuts, amber peanuts, etc. Many flavored peanuts are popular in the market.

Fried peanut flavoring machine video

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