Peanut butter processing line equipment

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Do you know how to make delicious peanut butter? Peanut butter is made from high quality peanuts and other raw materials. It is a tough and tough mud product with a strong fried peanut flavor. According to different tastes, peanut butter is divided into sweet and salty. It is a kind of food with considerable nutritional value and is widely used in western food. High quality peanut butter is generally light beige, with good quality, rich aroma and no impurities.

If you want to produce high-yield peanut butter, you can consider our peanut butter processing line. This line has made many improvements and optimized processing fineness according to market demand, core equipment and complete equipment rough grinding and refining machine. Manufacturing complete equipment production line, high degree of mechanization, good reliability, fully enclosed production. Simple operation, stable operation, low noise, convenient maintenance, corrosion resistance, wide application range and consistent variety. Best-selling domestic and foreign markets.
This is a working video of the peanut butter processing line equipment. If you are interested in this production line and would like to know more about this production line, please contact me, I will send you the machine details and quotation.


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