How to make peanut butter in a food processor?

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Do you want to know how to make peanut butter in a food processor?
Peanut butter can be applied to bread, toast or biscuits to make sandwiches (especially peanut butter and jelly sandwiches). It is also used in many candies such as peanut-flavored granola rolls or croissants and other pastries. Today I will show you how to make peanut butter in a food processor.
Before Peanut butter making, you should have all the necessary ingredients and equipment, including the right amount of peanuts, sugar, cooking oil, oven, food processor, spatula and covered containers.

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After preparing the above, we can make peanut butter. The whole process can be divided into five steps, all of which are as follows.
Roasted peanut
After heating the oven to 350 °F, place the peanuts on a baking sheet and bake. Peanut butter is not good, which has a lot to do with the degree of baking. Therefore, the peanuts should be baked to light golden yellow and oily for about 10 minutes. Baking gives the peanut butter a deeper taste, helping to make the oil in the peanuts looser and easier to mix into a smooth sauce.
2. Peel the skin of peanuts
After the peanuts are baked, the peanuts are removed from the oven, allowed to cool, and then peeled off. In fact, this step can also be omitted, because peanut skin nutrition has a high nutritional value, if you like, you can keep the skin. The peanuts peeled off from the epidermis will be very white and can be baked for a while and baked until slightly discolored.
3. Grinding.
The previously prepared food processor is then removed and the peanuts are placed in a food processor.
Treatment for 1 minute: continuously run the food processor or blender for 1 minute. Stop and scrape off the sides and bottom of the food processor. At this point, the peanut butter looks very rough and dry.

Peanut paste filling machine2
Handle for 1 minute: Run the food processor or blender again for one minute, then stop and scrape off the sides. At this point, the peanuts are completely broken and are in a peanut butter state.
At this time, you can add the right amount of white sugar and cooking oil. This is based on personal taste. Edible oils should be odorless or peanut-flavored. Do not add more, then continue to stir with the food processor for one minute.

Now that you have completed all the steps, you can get delicious peanut butter!
The most important is the introduction of how to make peanut butter in food processors. If you have other questions, you can communicate with me!


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