Continuous peanut blanching machine manufacturers

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Taizy Machinery recommends the manufacturer of continuous peanut blanching machine. The whole machine of fruit and vegetable blanching machine is divided into two parts: the blanching section and the cooling section. Steam heating. The temperature can be adjusted, the transmission adopts the frequency conversion speed regulating motor, and the speed is adjustable. Can be adjusted for different products. The whole machine is designed as an independent inner structure, and the outer frame is welded, which is durable and increases the service life of the equipment. The advantages of the liner structure are firstly easy to clean and ensure the cleanliness of the equipment.

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Continuous peanut blanching machine manufacturers Net belts are not restricted by the frame, even if the more serious collision damage, does not affect the conveyor belt. The thickness of the insulation layer of the blanching section is 5 cm. Effectively ensure the use of heat sources, reduce heat loss, and save energy costs. The cooling section is natural water cooling, and the edge can be quickly cooled down to ensure product quality and mouthfeel. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the blanching machine integrates hot and cool, and is pressureless, safe and reliable. The machine has the characteristics of rapid killing, inhibition of enzyme color protection and timely dehydration and cooling, and the characteristics of one-time completion, so that the fruits and vegetables maintain the original natural color. It can maintain the unique vivid color of fruits and vegetables, dissipate the green odor of vegetables and retain the aroma, enhance the softness of cells, facilitate the evaporation of water, and lay a good foundation for the process requirements of the drying and dehydration process.
Fruit and vegetable blanching machine is mainly used for fruit, root vegetables and carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, fruit slices and other fragile products. It is an indispensable blanching equipment for quick-freezing, dehydration and freeze-drying.
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