A magic weapon to extend the life of peanut machinery

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In our daily life, the frequency of peanut machinery is very high, including peanut baking machine, peanut chopper, peanut butter complete equipment, etc. What is the magic weapon to extend the life of peanut machinery?

Peanut sheller001
1. Peanut machinery needs maintenance and maintenance. After the work is completed, the parts of each machine, the parts of the rust preventive tool are removed, and then the hood is opened and the various components of the weeding on the spring are removed.
2. Use maintenance after one week. Need to check on the universal joints, bearings and filling grease, and other lubrication points. Check the wear of the belt and replace it if it is severely worn.
3. Quarterly maintenance. Each operation is completed, not only to clean the machine, but the V-belt is relaxed. Check the operation of replacing the bearing and add butter.
4. Storage maintenance. To choose a place where the shade is ventilated, bricks or other items will stand up, make a digging shovel, deep wheels off the ground, and finally, the peanut excavator is covered with plastic sheets.


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