Things to be aware of when using a peanut peeler and maintenance work after use

In order to give full play to its performance, the correct use method is indispensable. Here is a brief introduction to the matters needing attention when using the peanut sheller and its maintenance work.







1. Before use, you should first check whether the fasteners are tightened, whether the rotating parts are flexible, and whether there is lubricating oil in each bearing. The sheller should be placed on a stable surface.
2. After the motor is started, the steering of the rotor should be consistent with the direction indicated on the machine. First idling for a few minutes, observe whether there is abnormal noise, and after normal operation, can evenly put peanuts.
3. Peanut fruit should be evenly and properly placed when it is placed. It should not contain iron filings, stones and other debris to prevent breaking peanuts and causing mechanical failure. When the peanuts cover the sieve surface, the rice switch can be opened.
4. Use a suitable screen depending on the size of the peanut.
5. When the peanut shell increases, the motor can be moved down to tighten the fan belt and increase the amount of blowing.
6. When operating, people must not stand on the side of the belt drive to avoid injury.
7. After using for a period of time, when preparing to store the machine, remove the dust, dirt and residual kernels from the outside, and remove the belt and store it separately. Clean all parts of the bearings with diesel oil, dry them and apply butter. The machine should be covered in a dry warehouse to avoid sun and rain.
8. Ensure that there is sufficient oil in the drive and bearings and replace and clean them regularly.

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