What are the types of shelling of peanut? What is the effect of shelling?

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From the initial advent of the peanut sheller to the present, it is the same as the shelling work. The difference is the different stripping rate and breaking rate. However, the same is the case of shelling, there are different methods of shelling, do you know? Shelling of peanut shelling machine: extrusion shelling, impact shelling, pressure shelling, crushing and shelling and other shelling methods.

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The extrusion method of shelling relies on the gap between the roller column and the roller column to adjust, so that the peanut is squeezed, and then the shell and the nut are separated. In this way, the breaking rate is relatively high.
The impact shelling is the high-speed rotation of the machine. The inside of the machine is a closed space composed of the tray and the surrounding steel plate. The inside of the machine is madly impacted, so that the shell and nuts are split, but sometimes because of the individual size of the peanut. Not a new type of peanut seed sheller, so the peeling is not clean.
The pressure shelling method is to let the pressure gas enter the peanut shell, and let the internal and external pressures are broken and cracked. This kind of shelling method is still not very good, and there are many factors affecting the shelling.
The husking method is the most used shelling method. The peanuts are milled between the grinding sheet and the grinding sheet to allow the peanuts to be shelled. The centrifugal force of the grinding sheet increases the friction of the grinding sheet. The shell method works best, regardless of the peeling rate or the breaking rate.
The above several methods of shelling have been used since the advent of the original peanut sheller, and some have been used, while others have not been used. Now you should know a little about the shelling work and principle of the sheller.


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