Where can I buy peanut butter making machine?

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Yesterday, I received a message from the customer. He asked me where to buy a peanut butter making machines. I told him that our company has a good quality, low-cost peanut butter making machines. I also sent a video of our peanut butter machine work to him to have a good understanding of our machines. So today I want to introduce you to our peanut butter machine.
First of all, I want to briefly introduce our peanut butter machine.
The peanut butter machine is the most advanced machine designed by our company. This machine is versatile and can process almonds, soybeans, peanuts, sesame seeds, ginger, garlic, fresh peppers, cocoa beans and a variety of fruits. The device has a compact, stable, high output, low temperature and low price.

Peanut butter making machine 3
Let me tell you how the peanut butter machine works.
This peanut butter machine has stators and rotors of different shapes. By using stators and rotors of different shapes, the material can be destroyed at high speeds of rotation. The gap between the machine stators can be adjusted and recirculation and grinding can be achieved by adjusting the distance between the stators.
Our peanut butter machine is very popular in many countries and regions because of its many advantages. Now I will show you the advantages of the machine.
1. Peanut butter machine has compact structure, stable production, high output and high work efficiency, which saves capital investment to a certain extent.
2, the part of the peanut butter machine that is in contact with the material is made of stainless steel, the equipment is not polluted by the processing materials, completely in line with food hygiene standards, good wear resistance and long service life.

Peanut paste filling machine2
3, the machine tool milling head has special heat treatment, long service life, easy operation, easy to clean and maintain.
4. The equipment can process a variety of materials, and after processing, it can still retain its inherent.
5. The grinding head can be adjusted or replaced according to the nature of the material and the actual use requirements. The spindle motor is designed in a split type and the user can select the appropriate speed.
Now you know where to buy a peanut butter making machines. Our company is a professional manufacturer of peanut butter machines and has been designing and producing peanut butter making machines for many years. So we have a lot of experience, we can guarantee that our machine can fully meet your peanut butter needs, so if you want peanut butter machine, then you can contact me!


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