Industrial almond slicer machine with best price for sale

almond slicing machine
almond slicing machine
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Almond slicer machine, also known as nut slicer, can efficiently slice peanuts, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios and other nut kernels. The slice thickness is uniform and adjustable so as to meet customers’ specific requirements. Our company offers advanced industrial-use almond slicer machine for sale. The almond slicing machine price is reasonable and competitive. The final products of sliced almonds and other nut slices can be added to the top of cookie, ice cream, cakes, fruit sauce, and bread to improve the flavor. It is obvious that the almond slicer has wide applications and markets in the food processing industry.

Features of the structure of almond slicer machine for sale

The almond flakes cutter structure has many outstanding advantages.

  1. The stainless steel almond slicer complies with food safety regulations. Food-grade stainless steel is the machine material that touches the material.
  2. The blades have sharp edges and long service life. They are suitable for slicing almonds, peanuts, cashew nuts, walnut kernels, hazelnuts, and other nuts.
  3. Rotary plate is of high quality and cuts materials into slices at a fast speed.
  4. The almond slicer machine for sale is easy to set up, use, and clean.
  5. Can be customized for different capacities.
  6. Compact structure and durable parts.
  7. With wheels for easy movement.
Industrial almond nut slicer with raw nuts and finished slices
Almond Nut Slicer

How to produce uniform peanut slices?

The almond slicer machine for sale can be a peanut slice cutting machine. Different from many other nuts, peanut kernels have two halves, so that it needs to split the peanuts at first. You can use a peanut splitting machine to efficiently slice peanuts. In this way,  it can avoid a hollow in peanut slices.

As for the operation of the machine, pour halved peanut kernels in the hopper first. After that, check whether it is necessary to adjust the feed port’s gate to modify the quantity of peanuts in the feeding positioner. Then, blades on the high-speed rotatory table will swiftly slice. The peanut slices then fall out of the gap and enter the discharge port. This process is the same as how an almond slicer works.

Peanut slices
Peanut Slices

The almond slicer machine for sale is an ideal solution for slicing nuts. Welcome to visit our website and contact us for more details.


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