How does an industrial almond slicer work?

almond slicer machine
almond slicer machine
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Is there an easy way to slice almonds? Or how to efficiently slice almonds? An industrial almond slicer is an effective equipment for solving the problem. Our company has almond slicer machines for sale. The machine is a popular equipment for producing almond slices. Besides almonds, the almond slicing machine can cut other nut kernels, such as peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, macadamia nuts. It is suitable for industrial use, because of its advantages of high output, hygiene, uniform slices, etc. The almond slicer can also meet the requirements for different slice thicknesses. Do you know how an almond slicer works, and how to adjust the slice thickness?

How does an almond slicer work?

The almond slicer machine mainly contains an inlet, feeding positioner, frame, motor, rotor, and cutters. And it is quite easy to understand how an almond slicer works. After starting the machine, put the raw, wet, peeled or roasted almonds in the hopper. Then, they fall into the feeding positioner. During the time, adjust the gate of the feed port to change the quantity of almonds if necessary. As the almonds in the feeding is ready, 6 blades on the high-speed rotor quickly slice the materials. After that, the almond slices automatically drop from the gap between the cutters and the rotor. In each hour, the capacity of the almond slicing machine generally can reach 200 to 300 kg.

Almond slicer machine 1
Almond Slicer Machine 1

How to change the almond slice thickness?

After knowing how an almond slicer works, you may want to know about its operation. Likewise, it is convenient for customers to adjust slicing thicknesses. The general thickness is 1 millimeter. When you need to change the thickness, you should adjust the clearance between the blades and the feeding positoner. The slice thickness depends on the gap between the blade and the feeding positoner. What you need to do is to carefully loosen the screws on both ends of the blades and those on the upper channel. While adjusting the height of the blades, please be ware that the height of the feeding port should be changed accordingly. In this way, they can avoid contacting each other. After adjustment, please tighten the screws.

Almond nut slicer
Almond Nut Slicer

Video of almond slicer machine in working mode

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