Almond Slicer | Peanut Kernel Dry Fruit Slicing Machine

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An almond slicer, also known as a peanut or nut slicer, is designed to cut various nut kernels into slices. The raw materials include dry or wet peanuts (halved), almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, etc. Almond slicers can cut various dry fruits into slices, and the working process of dry fruit slicer cutting machine is the same. 

The almond slices cutting machine is quite suitable for industrial use. The adjustable thickness of the slices, high output, low cost, stainless steel parts, and compact structure are among the outstanding characteristics of the almond nut slicer.

The finished products of the almond slicers can also be useful for the processing of snacks, like almond slices cookies, and chocolate peanut slices. We have industrial almond slicer machines for sale at the best price.

Distinct advantages of almond slicers

  1. The thickness of the nut slices is adjustable and can meet customers’ specific needs. The thickness of slices generally reaches 0.05-1.2mm.
  2. The peanut nut slicer machine is made of stainless steel. It is hygienic and easy to clean.
  3. The blades are of high quality and have a long service life. They are suitable for cutting various nuts.
  4. The output of the almond flakes cutter ranges from 200kg/h to 300kg/h, and the capacity can be customized.

Main structure of almond slicer machine

The groundnuts slice cutting machine consists of a hopper, feeding positioner, frame, motor, rotary plate, cutters, etc. Made of stainless steel, the nut slicing machine is rather durable and hygienic. To make it easy to move, the almond slicing machine is equipped with directional wheels and universal wheels. Besides, there is a reasonable design for the stability of the peanut slice cutting machine in operation. Two touchdown bolts at the back and lower part of the almond kernel slicing machine can allow the machine to contact the ground.

How does the Almond Nut Slicer Work?

It is not difficult to understand how an almond slicer works. During operation, the almonds first enter the hopper and fall into the feeding positioner later. Adjusting the gate of the inlet can change the feeding quantity of almonds. Then, 6 blades on the high-speed rotary plate evenly slice the almonds in a counter-clockwise direction. After that, the sliced almonds drop down from the gaps between the cutter and the rotary plate.

To reach different slicing thicknesses, loosen the screws on both ends of the blades and those on the upper channel to adjust the clearance between the blades and the feeding port. Please be aware that the height of the feeding positioner should also be adjusted to avoid contacting the blade when changing the height of the blades.


  1. To slice peanuts, the raw material should be first split into halves. We offer many other peanut processing machines, including peanut splitting machines.
  2. Pay attention to the humidity of raw materials. Too dry material can cause fragile slices, easily broken. Too wet material may stick to the nut slicing machine.
Almond slicer machine
almond slicer machine

Technical parameters of almond kernel slicing machine

Cutter wheel speed0-600rpm/min0-600rpm/min
Slice thickness0.05-1.2mm0.05-1.2mm
Parameters of commercial almond nut slicer machine

Almond slicing machine price and payment

Almond slicing machine price varies according to different kinds, models, and outputs. The price is set mostly on the basis of our detailed costing. Our company supplies high-quality products and services, and pricing is quite competitive.

After you have chosen the type of equipment, we will give you a business invoice and payment link. Upon getting your order and payment, we will prepare the product and deliver it to you.

Packaging and Delivery

One of the customers’ main worries when buying mechanical equipment is transportation safety. The peanut slices cutting machine may withstand long-distance shipping, complicated logistics procedure, and bad weather conditions during cross-border transportation.

Reasonable packaging and transportation circumstances are inextricably tied to the equipment’s regular function. With over ten years of industrial experience, our organization has serviced consumers from a wide range of nations, including the United States, India, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and others. For product safety, we provide dependable packing and delivery services.

Sliced almond nutrition and snack recipe

People are aware of sliced almond nutrition and calories.  Almonds offer a wide range of health benefits, with richness in healthy fat, protein, fiber vitamin, etc. The nutrients can promote the human immune system, control blood lipids, and slow aging.

People create many almond slice recipes, like crispy sliced almond cookies and almond slices pudding, hoping to receive the health benefits in their diets.

Almond Slicing Machine Video

Working Video

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