Automatic peanut swing roaster sold to Nigeria

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The peanut swing roaster, also named coated peanut roster machine, has various outputs and heating methods, suitable for roasting all kinds of granular food. The advantages of the swing peanut baking machine are high productivity, low damage rate, uniform color, automatic operation, and even heating. Recently, a customer from Nigeria ordered an electric peanut swing roaster and a hoist from our company. The peanut swing roaster Nigeria has been a great help for his coated peanut business in the local place.

Introduction to swing coated peanuts roasting oven

The peanut swing roaster is mainly equipped with a horizontal rotating screen, a clutch, and an automatic temperature control device for even roasting. The peanut swing roaster machine has high productivity, a low breaking rate of baked food, and even heating. The automatic swinging roaster can be electrically heated, gas heated, or heat-conductive oil heated. It is ideal processing equipment for granular food, especially nuts, coated peanuts, coated cashew nuts, etc., and can be used in the coated peanut production line.


Order details of peanut swing roaster Nigeria

Our Nigerian customer is engaged in the production of coated peanuts. The roasting effect of his former roasting machine was not satisfactory. He wanted to seek a peanut swing roaster with even heating, low breakage rate, and high thermal efficiency. After contacting us, he adopted our recommendation and chose our TZ-300 model (electric type). For continuous production, he also ordered a hoist as the supportive equipment. After negotiations with us about the machine details, he placed an order. Now, this coated peanut roasting machine has been delivered to our customer and it all goes well. The following is the main technical data of this model.

Peanut swing roaster nigeria and a hoist

Model: TZ-300 (electric type)
Output: 200-300kg/h
Weight: 220kg
Roaster size: 3200 * 2150 * 1900mm
Hoist size: 3500 * 650 * 650mm
Feed quantity: 50-80kg each time
Baking time: 15-20 minutes
Baking power: 70kw
Temperature: 180-220 ° C
Machine material: 304 stainless steel

Video of peanut swing roaster machine

Why the customers choose the peanut swing roaster?

The peanut swing roaster Nigeria has many outstanding advantages. Heat transfers directly on peanuts through heat radiation. In the baking process, the granular food and the rotary screen rotate at a uniform speed, so that the food can be heated evenly to achieve the expected baking effect. The final product quality is uniform, with similar color and roasting effect. Besides, the swing peanut baking machine can realize automatic and fast operation. And the high insulation performance can save a lot of energy.