Gas/electric cooking mixer machine manufacturer 100L-1000L

cooking mixer machine manufacturer
cooking mixer machine manufacturer
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As a cooking mixer machine manufacturer, we provide commercial cooking mixer machines for over a decade. A cooking mixer machine is a jacketed kettle with a double-layer pot body. The interlayer is filled with steam or heat transfer oil as the heating medium. The gas or electric cooking mixer machine has features of a large heating surface, high thermal efficiency, safety and convenience in operation, and heat insulation. The unique design of the tilting jacketed kettle not only improves the thermal efficiency but also realizes even heating and controllable heating temperature.

Application of cooking kettle with mixer

The cooking kettle with mixer is a professional machine for food processing to improve food quality, shorten the cooking time and save labor. Our company, a cooking mixer machine manufacturer has sorted out the common application fields are as follows.

  • Used for stewing meat products, making soup, stir-frying dishes, stewing, cooking porridge, frying, etc,
  • Applied to producing candy (sugar, caramel), food fillings, pastry, beverage, fruit juice, jam, preserves, dairy products and canned food, etc.
  • Used in the pharmaceutical and daily chemical industries
Jacketed kettle application
Jacketed Kettle Application

How to choose a suitable cooking mixer machine manufacturer?

We are an experienced cooking mixer machine manufacturer, offering various types of products to meet customers’ needs. As for the heating mode, it depends on your current factory conditions. If you have a steam furnace in your factory or need to use the steam-jacketed kettle, it is advisable to choose steam heating, which can save cost. Besides, the electric heating mode is relatively easy to use. As long as there is electricity, it can work continuously.

The machine material and structure are two key points for the selection of a jacketed kettle. To choose the machine material, our company, a professional cooking mixer machine manufacturer has stainless steel machine, which is suitable for food processing or other daily chemicals production. In terms of the structure of the cooking mixer machine, it depends on the material properties. For example, liquid materials without viscosity (boil water and soup, oil, etc.) are suitable for the use of vertical structure with a mixer. Solid materials without viscosity (noodles, boiled sauced food, etc.), the tilting type without mixer is a good choice. For a sticky material (melting sugar, fried stuffing, porridge, etc.), it is suitable for selecting the tilting jacketed kettle with a mixer.

Jacketed kettle details
Jacketed Kettle Details

Operation instructions for electric jacketed kettle

As a cooking mixer machine manufacturer, we offer customers detailed instructions on the machine and all-around service. The electric jacketed kettle is one of the hot-setting types. The total power of one type of electric jacketed kettle is 26KW. It is connected to the three-phase power supply, and the model of heat transfer oil is 320# heat transfer oil.

Operation process

1: Turn on the power knob, the power indicator lights up and the temperature controller lights up to enter the heating operation.

2: Set the temperature of the temperature controller. The maximum temperature shall not exceed 220 degrees. After setting the temperature, turn on the heating knob, turn on the button of Heating 1 or Heating 2 according to your heating speed, and turn on the mixing when you need it. Note: when there is no material in the pot, heating is not allowed.

3: The distribution box cannot be directly scrubbed with water, but can be scrubbed with a semi-wet rag. The power must be cut off for equipment cleaning.

Technical data

Model:TZ-50Model: TZ-100Model: TZ-200
Voltage: 380v
Tilt power: 1.1kw
Voltage: 380v
Heating power:18kw


1. What is the wearing part of an electric jacketed kettle?

Heating ducts.

2. What are the vulnerable parts of a gas-heated jacketed pot?

Vulnerable parts: a lighter, valve, gas tube, stove, scraper, and frequency converter.

3. For the steam jacketed kettle, is there a safety valve on the machine, or is a pressure reducing valve installed?

The steam-jacketed kettle is equipped with a pressure gauge and safety valve.

4. What are the machine materials?

304 food-grade stainless steel.

We are a global cooking mixer machine manufacturer with customers from a great number of countries. Our machinery has gained more popularity in the market. We would like to receive your requirements and feedback.