Groundnut peanut grading machine for multiple grades

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Groundnut grading machine is mainly used to screen peanut kernels, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, palm, pine nuts, macadamia nuts, and beans of different sizes into three levels or more. The sorted products are more suitable for further processing and sales. The peanut sorting machine serves as the supporting equipment of the nut shelling or peeling machine. The peanut grading machine has a reasonable design, high efficiency, and low crushing rate, so it is a piece of popular equipment for sorting granular foods in the food processing industry at present.

Groundnut grading machine features

  • Multiple grading functions. The peanut kernel grading machine can be equipped with one, two, three or more layers of screens. The products can be sorted into one to three or more classifications based on their sizes.
  • High effiency and output. The capacity of the groundnut grading machine can reach 600-800kg/h. If customers have special needs, we can provide customized service. All the vibrating sieves work at the same time and automatically discharge the products.
  • Low breakage rate
  • Durable and long service life
  • Reasonable design and space-saving

Structure of peanut grading machine

The peanut grading machine is usually composed of a feeding hopper, frame, transmission mechanism, three to five vibrating screens. The screens run at the same time. The screen is movable and can be customized according to different needs. Generally, the screen hole reaches from 6 to 10mm. Rubber bearings are used in this machine’s reciprocating motion joint because they are robust and shock-absorbing.

Peanut grading equipment
Peanut Grading Equipment

Groundnut grading machine working principle

Based on the differences in the diameters of nut kernels, this machine sorts nuts by mesh hole size. This peanut sieving machine accomplishes the screening and separation effect by controlling the feeding speed. Altering the angle of the vibrating screen body can change the feeding speed. After grading, the final products automatically enter different discharging ports. The groundnut grading machine is easy to use and labor-saving.

Peanut grading machine
Peanut Grading Machine

Peanut grading equipment parameter

Voltage380V 50HZ380,50HZ
technical data of peanut grading machine

How to operate the machine?

  1. Check whether the major pieces have been damaged during transit and whether the connecting parts are loose before utilizing the equipment. Check that all electrical switches and circuits are in good working order and are safe to use.
  2. Begin by turning on the machine. Start working once routine operations have been completed.
  3. Fill the hopper with peanuts and adjust the discharge port to keep the discharge consistent. Match the screening and grading speeds.
  4. The upper screen has different specifications, and it can be replaced according to the size of the raw materials to keep the grading clean, while the bottom sieve separates the products from the residues. It is not necessary to modify it.
Peanut sorting machine
Peanut Sorting Machine

Machine maintenance

  • To avoid bearing damage due to a shortage of oil, lubricating oil must be supplied to each bearing on a regular basis.
  • Please remember to replace the wearable parts like rubber during routine maintenance.
Groundnut grading machine
Groundnut Grading Machine

Support equipment

The peanut sorting machine is often used with hoists as a support machine in various nut processing production lines.

We also offer groundnut grading machines of other types, such as the rotary drum grader and almond grading machine. For more details, welcome to contact us.

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