Peanut picker

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Peanut picker 8

Peanut picker for direct picking of peanuts after harvest. Applicable to farmers, processing professional households, farms, etc.



Peanut picker machine from the rack, cover, feeding Station, fan, picking system and separation screen and other components

Product features

Peanut picker utility model has the advantages of high net picking rate, low crushing rate, clean cleaning, high working efficiency, reasonable structure of the whole machine, easy to move between venues and the like

Working principle

Peanut picker by a motor or diesel engine driven machine running through the feed inlet or automatic feeding station into the picking system, pick the election by the roller lever is rotated against the peanut from the stem, fruit and debris fall through the gravure hole to the shaker, stems from the discharge port, scattered on the shaker Miscellaneous fruit spread through the shaker fan gettering mouth trash, choose a clean fruit to complete the whole process.

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Technical data:

Model power(KW)






SL-500 only for dry and wet 5.5 500-600 110 1.9*1.2*1.1


SL-8000 for dry and wet 8.8-14.7HP 1500-2000 710 6.55*2*1.8

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