Rotary seasoning machine introduction

The rotary seasoning machine has the following working characteristics:
1. The octagonal design avoids the disadvantages of the raw material of the ball seasoning barrel not turning;
2. The food materials to be processed and the desired seasonings are thoroughly mixed evenly in a short period of time;
3, automatic tilting to send food materials;
4, the rotation is stable and the noise is low;
5, stainless steel material appearance is neat and generous.

After the rotary seasoning machine is started, the material falls into the drum and moves upward through the stirring blades. The material is then dripped from above and mixed with the seasoning powder. The seasoning powder is always kept in the dust box during work. When the seasoning is insufficient, it should be added in time.

The rotary seasoning machine is easy to operate and has high output, uniform mixing and stainless steel barrel. It can season and mix any fried food. It is the advanced fried food seasoning equipment in China. Product specifications can be customized according to customer needs, welcome new and old customers to visit and negotiate cooperation!

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