Peanut machinery will receive more and more attention

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In recent years, due to the continuous development of large-scale agricultural farming methods, the traditional farming methods have not kept up with the needs of the times. The use of peanut machinery complies with the requirements of agricultural development. The next small series will give you a detailed explanation of the daily maintenance of peanut machinery.

Bananer 1
1. Peanut machinery maintenance and maintenance. After the work is completed, the parts of each machine, the parts of the rust preventive tool are removed, and then the hood is opened and the various components of the weeding on the spring are removed.
2. Use maintenance after one week. Need to check on the universal joints, bearings and filling grease, and other lubrication points. Check the wear of the belt and replace it if it is severely worn.
3, after the quarter maintenance. Each operation is completed, not only to clean the machine, but the V-belt is relaxed. Check the operation of replacing the bearing and add butter.
4. Storage maintenance. To choose a place where the shade is ventilated, bricks or other items will stand up, make a digging shovel, deep wheels off the ground, and finally, the peanut excavator is covered with plastic sheets.
The use of peanut sheller is an inevitable trend in the development of peanut mechanization and the main link in the mechanization of peanut production. The peanut shelling machine is composed of a shelling mechanism, a vibrating screen, a frame hood, a motor, a fan, a transmission mechanism, etc., and has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, high production efficiency, low price, etc., through the promotion test of the past two years, A certain effect has been achieved, and the technical specifications of peanut shelling mechanization have been summarized, which laid a technical foundation for the healthy and orderly development of the peanut shelling industry.


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