Peanut machinery is practical

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Now with the increasing labor costs, the adjustment of agricultural production structure, and the rising price of peanuts in recent years, the planting area of ​​peanuts has shown an expanding trend. In China, peanuts have high economic value. Peanut kernels can be made into peanut oil, peanut butter, etc. Peanut shells can be made into building materials. The market demand is very strong. Nowadays, relying on artificial peeling of peanuts is obviously time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the labor rate is low, which cannot meet the market demand.
The use of peanut shelling machine is an inevitable trend of chemical development and the main link of mechanization of peanut production. The peanut shelling machine is composed of a shelling mechanism, a vibrating screen, a frame hood, a motor, a fan, a transmission mechanism, etc., and has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, high production efficiency, low price, etc., through the promotion test of the past two years, A certain effect has been achieved, and the technical specifications of peanut shelling mechanization have been summarized, which laid a technical foundation for the healthy and orderly development of the peanut shelling industry.

Pranut harvester
Peanut machinery contains many kinds of products, which are the products of the development of science and technology in the new era and speed up the production process. Nowadays, many agricultural productions have been highly modernized and mechanized. The emergence of many equipments has greatly improved the speed and effect of the operation. Therefore, mechanized planting has been well promoted, bringing a lot of convenience to traditional labor.
1. Peanut excavation plow. The structure of the peanut excavation plow is similar to that of the general plow, and is mostly matched with small four-wheel tractors or walking tractors. Peanut excavation plow has simple structure, low cost, good work quality, ground fruit drop rate <4%, loss rate <3%, and damage rate <1%. It is a machine with stable performance and good economic benefits. However, such peanut machinery can only complete the peanut excavation work. After excavation, it is necessary to manually complete the work of shaking soil, picking up, picking fruit, etc., and the work efficiency is not high, which can not meet the mechanized operation demand of the multi-link in the peanut harvest.
2. Peanut harvester. The peanut harvester has been further improved in function, enabling excavation and soil separation, but still requires manual or mechanical picking, collection and fruit picking. The principle of swing excavation replaces the working principle of the combination of the excavating shovel and the separating chain, and realizes two working processes of excavating and shaking the earth. The peanuts are laid neatly and orderly in the field after harvesting.
3. Peanut collection machine. Peanut fruit left in the peanut harvesting process can be separated from the soil, thrown on the ground, and then recovered by hand. The peanut harvester is the product of a high harvest loss rate.
4, picking fruit machine. The peanut picker is a harvesting machine that picks up peanut pods from peanut vines. Can be divided into full feed and semi-feed type.
5. Pick up the combine harvester. The peanut picking combine harvester can pick up the peanuts laid on the surface and pick them up from the ground, and complete the subsequent fruit picking and sorting operations. The peanut combine harvester can complete all the peanut harvesting processes such as excavation, clearing, fruit picking, fruit separation, fruit collection and vine treatment.
The above five kinds of peanut machinery are commonly used equipment in the peanut planting process, which can reduce the production input cost of farmers’ friends and improve the work efficiency, so it has been well received by many people. In the future, more people will experience the benefits of mechanization for production. From planting to management to harvesting, the labor of each link may be replaced by machinery.


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