Peanut harvester cooling method

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When using a Peanut Harvesting Machine in hot summer days, the machine temperature will often be too high, so you should pay attention to maintenance when using it in summer, especially when the temperature of the machine rises, you should cool down in time to ensure that the machine can work normally. . What are the cooling methods for the Peanut Harvesting Machine?

Peanut harvesting machine 9

Peanut Harvesting Machine

1.Immediately after the flameout, open the cover and add water to dissipate heat. If the radiator is opened immediately, there will be a certain pressure inside the machine, and the hot water will be sprayed out to burn people.
2. Check the cooling system in time. In daily work, the cooling water should be sufficient, the fan belt should be tight, and the thermostat and water temperature gauge should be inspected and repaired in time. It is found that the water tank is “opened”, should stop in time, cool down at an idle speed, and cannot suddenly add cold water.
3, always keep pouring water on the tires to cool down. When the temperature of the tire is very high, it is not appropriate to pour cold water on the tire, which will cause deformation between the layers of the carcass inside the carcass, causing early damage to the tire and even peeling of the curtain.
Due to the hot weather in summer, the road surface is hot, and the load of the Peanut Harvesting Machine is large. If the maintenance is not good, it is easy to have cracks and tires. Therefore, in addition to not excessive tire gas in summer, slow cooling should be carried out. The hot car can be parked in the shade of the trees to cool down, or the cooling equipment can be added in the garage.


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