Peanut Harvesting Machine

Peanut harvesting machine refers to the crop harvesting machine that completes the operations of fruit picking, separating soil, paving, picking, picking fruit, clearing during the peanut harvesting process, adapt to the use of farmers, farms, etc.


Peanut harvesters not only used for peanut and also for sweet potato, garlic, onion and other root crops


Peanut harvesting machine there are plow shovel, depth roller, conveyor row, shaking soil wheel and other components

Product features:

Peanut harvester with small vibration, handiness, shaking the soil clean, neatly, neat placement and high collection rate.







Working principle:

After the peanuts are dug out by the plow, they move upward along the rotating conveyor chain. In the process of upward movement, they shake the earth wheel and vibrate the chain to shake down the soil attached to the peanuts. The peanuts move to the rear and fall on the harvesting plate, and then they fall flat on the ground.

Model SLUD-1 SLU-1 SLU-2
Dimension (cm) 240*90*100 240*100*100 280*220*100
Weight (KG) 180 220 600
Line Number 1 1 2
Line Spacing 55-80 55-80 55-80
Efficiency/hour 0.2-0.33 0.2-1.33 0.33-0.54
Digging Depth (mm) 20-35 20-35 20-35
Harvesting Width (mm) 600 850 1600
Harvesting Ratio 97% 97% 97%
Driven Shaft Rotary Speed RPM 540/760 540/760 540/760
Suspension Way three points three points three points
Matched Power (KW) 12-30 15-40 50-70
FOB Price USD850

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