How to order a peanut butter filling machine?

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Peanut butter filling machine
peanut butter filling machine

The peanut butter filling machine is used for packing and packaging peanut butter. In fact, the use of a filling machine has extended to many other industries and fields. The filling machine can fill oil, water, honey, vegetable oil, toothpaste, peanut butter, sesame, and other paste. Packing and sealing peanut is the last step before peanut butter leaving the factory for shops, etc.

Then How To Order a Peanut Butter Filling Machine?



  • Visit our website and collect the information about the peanut butter filling machine.
  • Ask for a quotation and discuss points about fillers that matters.
  • Reaffirm the filling machine type, machine size, machine quantity, machine price, warranty, lead time, and payment term.
  • Our professionals deliver the proforma invoice stamped with the company’s official seal.
  • Pay for deposit and send bank receipt as documentary evidence.
  • Confirm and check the remiittance. Inform customers about the received payment and arrange for production as required.
  • Deliver the finished product photos for approval.
  • Pay off the balance to settle the transaction.
  • Deliver the reserved goods and notify the expected time for arrival.
  • The order is completed once customers confirm and receive the reservation.
  • Feedback: if you should encounter any problems in using and maintaining, we’ll respond to your requirement at the earliest time. Any feedback is welcome.

Company Profile

Taizy Co., Ltd is professional manufacture producing and trading peanut machines with exceedingly abundant experience for years. Located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, Middle China, each production line is equipped with a fantastic team to operate. We offer our customers one-stand services. Prices of our advanced machines are very competitive no matter at home or abroad. Our machines have exported to many countries and regions, such as the U.S, India, and Mexico.

Peanut butter grinding machine is included in the automatic peanut butter production line. Apart from colloid mill, peanut shelling machine, wet type peanut peeling machine, dry type peanut peeling machine, peanut grinder machine, peanut butter storage, mixing and vacuum tanks, cooling belt, selecting belt, and peanut butter filling machine.