How to clean peanut harvester

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Peanut harvester will inevitably become dirty after a long time of use, so be sure to clean the peanut harvester regularly.
First, the traditional peanut harvester cleaning method is to use gasoline, diesel or kerosene to clean the grease and stains on the peanut harvester. This method is costly, unsafe and harmful to the body.

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Second, the better cleaning method is metal cleaning agent, which is a new type of industrial washing material. It can replace peanut, harvester and parts with gasoline, diesel or kerosene. It is fuel-efficient, safe, low-cost, clean and hygienic, and has good cleaning quality. Good results and so on.
3. It is strictly forbidden to wash peanut harvesting machine with washing powder. Because the stains on the peanut harvester are mainly mineral oils and fats, and the household detergents are very poor in degreasing, emulsifying and differentiation, it is difficult to remove the mineral oil in the peanut harvester, and it is difficult to protect the metal surface. The finish, while the washing powder contains a large amount of inorganic salts, which are easily ionized in the aqueous solution, causing serious corrosion of the metal surface, affecting the accuracy of the use of the peanut harvester, and causing undesirable consequences.


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