Peanut paste filling machine


This peanut paste filling machine adopts foreign advanced filling machine technology. Its structure is more simple and reasonable, with high precision and simple operation. The filling amount and filling speed is adjustable. and the filling precision is high. Filling bulkheads are equipped with anti-drip, anti-drawing and lifting filling devices. This series of peanut paste filling machine includes single head, double head and explosion-proof type. The double head can be adjusted freely and used alone. (Can be customized)


The peanut paste filling machine is suitable for medicine, daily chemicals, food, pesticides and special industries. It is an ideal equipment for filling high viscosity fluids and pastes.



1, semi-automatic piston type

2, All 304 stainless steel with high quality

3, pneumatic components from Germany FESTO and Taiwan AIRTAC.

4, Filling bulkheads are equipped with anti-drip and upgrade filling devices.



Model SL-100C SL-300C SL-500C SL-1000C SL-2000C SL-5000C
Type Pneumatic, semi-auto
Filling Range 10-100ml 30-300ml 50-500ml 100-1000ml 200-2000ml 500-5000ml
Filling Speed 10-20 bottles/min
Size(cm) 86*23*24 86*23*24 90*23*25 95*27*29 105*27*30 125*27*35
Net weight 22KG 25KG 30KG 35KG 40KG 45KG
Application Liquid and paste such as shampoo, oil, honey, toothpaste, face cream, ink, paint, yogurt etc.
Note You can choose a suitable model according to your product and filling range. We will equip a hopper or a tube for the machine accordingly.


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