Vacuum packing machine

Put the materials into the bag on vacuum packing machine for sealing and packaging. There is a clip, it is pumped and then filled with nitrogen pressure to seal the line.


  1. The vacuum packaging machineuse New heating device, imported heating strip and isolation cloth.
  2. Itis made of 304 stainless steel, and working iron plate thickness is 4 mm
  3. The device has moving and fixed brakes.

4, the gasket and sealing strip are natural silica gel

5.The machine is divided into open heating belt and insulation cloth.

6, Prevent the proliferation of harmful microorganisms and extend the shelf life of foods

Vacuum packaging machine is mainly used for packaging casual snacks, meat products, various cereals and other industrial products. It is well popular with  merchant and has the characteristics of low cost and high efficiency. We also have a single chamber vacuum packaging machine.








Model Vacuum chamber size(mm) Seal length




Size(mm) Vacuum degree ((Pa) Power


SL-400/2S 520*500*100 400 380(220) 1030*520*910 ≤ 200 2
SL-500/2s 620*580*100 500 380 1220*580*910 ≤ 200 2.5
SL-600/2s 720*620*100 600 380 1430*720*950 ≤ 200 3
SL-700/2s 820*720*100 700 380 1630*810*950 ≤ 200 4
SL-800/2s 920*820*100 700 380 1830*820*950 ≤ 200 5
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