Peanut roaster machine


Peanut roaster machine is mainly used for all kinds of nuts, peanut, almond, chestnut, sunflower seed, walnut and coffee beans, etc.





1.304 stainless steel

2.electric heating or gas heating

3.single one machine, two connected, three connected, or four to choose.

Working principle:

It adopts turn rolling type to roast the materials. The power of Peanut roaster machine is colloidal reducer and use the chains drive the roller to roast the Peanuts.

How to choose a best Peanut roaster machine?

  1. the raw material is made of stainless or carbon steel.
  2. the thickness of plate is thick or thin
  3. the machine appearance is rough or fine.








Model capacity(kg/h) Weight(kg) Overall dimensions
SL-100 100-120 800 3000*1200*1700mm
SL-200 180-250 1400 3000*2200*1700mm
SL-300 280-350 4000 3000*3300*1700mm
SL-400 380-450 4200 3000*4400*1700mm
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