Blanching machine


This round blanching machine is suitable for medium-sized food processing plants. This blanching machine has automatic feeding and automatic discharging function.


Avoid the problem of the density of peanuts into the blanching machine, blanching uneven, different effects; avoid scalding workers who, in order to ensure the safety of the operator;

Automatic discharge: through hoist, blanching and discharge automatically, reducing the labor of the worker.


  1. More choices of heating methods, such as electric heating, gas and coal burning;
  2. With automatic water control, automatic discharge, automatic temperature control.
  3. Blanching machinehas an automatic scraping system to clean and raise the food residue to the outside of the blanching machine;








Model Power Capacity Size Weight
SL-Y1000 36kw 100kg/h 1400*1200*1600mm 300kg
SL-Y1200 48kw 150kg/h 1600*1300*1650mm 400kg
SL-Y1500 60kw 200kg/h 1900*1600*1700mm 580kg
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